Thermal Water

The thermal water ofTerme di Punta Marina, used for all of our thermal treatments, is extremely rich in minerals and a rare variety of fossil water that is especially beneficial for bone, respiratory, ear-throat-and-nose and gynaecological illnesses.

We extract the curative water from the bottom of boreholes between 40 and 60 metres deep. This specific type of mineral water has a high concentration of mineral salts, which makes it therapeutically effective for chronic illnesses of the locomotor organs (therapeutic baths, osteotherapy, kinesitherapy), the peripheral vascular system (treatment cycle for vascular disease, hydromassage, swimming pool), the skin (dermatological baths SPAservices) and, of course, the respiratory system (inhalation treatments, lung ventilation).

Water rich in sodium chloride, bromide, iodide, calcium and magnesium

The sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water of Terme di Punta Marina has a high salt content. This means that the water is hypertonic and cool and when used to treat the mucous membranes it provides anti-inflammatory, decongesting and stimulating benefits. Its anti-inflammatory, decongesting and stimulating effects are both local and general. At the local level, they are antiphlogistic and treat chronic inflammatory ailments of the skin and mucous membranes as well as providing an antiseptic cleansing of the mucous membranes and stimulation for venous stasis. At the general level, they stimulate the nerve ends with an overall excitant action and, through the absorption of iodine and bromine compounds, activate the body’s defences. They also regulate the ovarian function and stimulate the thyroid function.

Sulfuric Water

For the treatment of rhinogenic hearing loss (politzerandinsufflation) we use sulfuric water from Tabiano. Sulphur in the form of hydrogen sulphide works on the mucous membranes in the ear, nose and tube area, decongesting the mucous membranes and curing ‘tube catarrh’ by restoring the correct functioning of the hearing tube.