What is the procedure for accessing covered treatment?

To access covered specialist examinations and visits, it is sufficient to book an appointment at a C.U.P. centre with a ‘ricetta rossa’ from your family physician.
For physiotherapy treatments, you must first undergo an AUSL (Azienda unità sanitaria locale; in English: local health authority) PHYSIATRIC EXAMINATION and have a ‘ricetta rossa’ issued by your physiatric physician; you can make an appointment directly at our polyclinic. To schedule physiotherapy treatments, you may stop by the Terme di Punta Marina spa or make the appointment by phone, calling 0544/437222. (Mon–Fri 8.00 a.m.–6.30 p.m., Sat 8.00 a.m.–12.00 p.m.)
For THERMAL TREATMENTS, you must go directly to the spa with your ‘ricetta rossa’, undergo a thermal treatment admission examination and go directly to reception.

Is it necessary to make a C.U.P. appointment for thermal treatments?

No, it is not necessary to make a C.U.P. appointment for thermal treatments.
It is enough to go directly to the Terme di Punta Marina spa with a ‘ricetta rossa’ issued by your family physician.

How many treatments can I undergo each year?

ONE THERMAL TREATMENT is covered per year.  Patients with recognised disablement and the correct exemption code (noted by the doctor in charge on the prescription) can undergo 2 treatments per year provided that the treatments do not have the same scope.
In general, PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS can be undergone 2 times per year, subject to undergoing a covered physiatric examination, but, at the discretion of the physiatric physician and the assessment of the patient, treatments can be undergone without precise limitations.

If I have undergone aquatic rehabilitation under health insurance, can I undergo thermal treatment?

Patients have the right to 1 covered thermal treatment cycle per year and 2 covered physiotherapy/rehabilitation cycles per year, excepting special cases.

If I am coming from outside Ravenna, will my thermal treatments be covered?

Thermal treatments are open to everyone and covered for those in possession of a ‘ricetta rossa’ issued by the physician in charge, from any region or city in Italy.

What kind of water do you have? How hot is it?

The water at the Terme di Punta Marina spa is rich in sodium chloride, bromide and iodide with a high salt content and is extracted from boreholes between 40 and 60 metres deep. (link) thermal water.

Do you have a restaurant?

At Terme di Punta Marina, you will find a Spa Centre with a HOTEL, RESORT and RESTAURANT, directly connected to the existing thermal pavilions.

>Ristorante Baci Baci Beach (link) http://www.bacibacibeach.it/   info and reservations 0544.437177
>Mosaico Terme Beach Resort (link) http://www.mosaicoterme.it/  0544.439491

How long can one stay in the pool?

The Terme di Punta Marina spa has two pools with sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water at 33° C, for physiotherapy, thermal treatments, swimming lessons for children and water workout classes for adults.
One can also purchase a 1-day pass for accessing the pools at the following times:
from Monday to Friday                  8 a.m.–9 a.m.
11 a.m.–1 p.m.
6 p.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday        10 a.m.–1 p.m.
3 p.m.–6 p.m.
The 1-day pass costs €15 and provides unlimited pool access during the times listed above.