The benefits of thermal treatments extend to a wide range of illnesses and the Italian Ministry of Health has issued a decree listing the diseases that benefit from this type of therapy in order to regulate access to treatment through the Italian National Health Service.

Among the most popular spa treatments are those dedicated to treating what is known as rhinogenic hearing loss, an imprecise term but one that is by now commonly used to describe a form of temporary but recurring hearing loss.

The condition of an ear affected by chronic catarrhal otitis is linked to repeated long-lasting colds and the consequential pathological involvement of the hearing tube, which is thus unable to “protect” the ear from attack by environmental pathogens.

As is well known, children are the most heavily affected, especially pre-school age children, because their immune systems are not yet fully developed and because suffering from pathological conditions ranging from an irregular nasal septum to adenoid hyperplasia and nasal allergies.

Since recurrent catarrhal otitis is caused by a combination of multiple factors, it should be kept in mind that it is helpful to combine a variety of treatments. From this perspective, thermal treatment is especially effective since it can be used in the three fundamental stages of healthcare: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Catarrhal otitis is treated with sodium chloride, bromide, iodide and magnesium-rich water from Terme di Punta Marina and sulfuric water is used for politzerization or tube insufflation. The politzer method, recommended for treating children, sends pressurised sulfuric gas into the tube and middle ear via a small device placed in the nasal passage, with the aim of reventilating the middle ear and “dissolving catarrhal secretions”. The treatment cycle is customized for the individual patient and should be repeated once or twice a year, especially in the case of children who suffer from recurrent respiratory infections.

1 rhinogenic hearing loss treatment € 18
12 Inhalation tratment + 12 Rhinogenic hearing loss treatment € 220