The Terme di Punta Marina spa is uniquely situated, built on sandy ground and embraced by the Adriatic Sea and Dante’s pine forest. It is 10 kilometres from Ravenna, a city famous for its art, mosaics, culture and music.

Founded as a thalassotherapeutic centre in 1963, it became a spa in 1991, after drilling a borehole to reach a stratum of thermal water. Following research carried out by the University of Ferrara, the sodium chloride, bromide, iodide, calcium and magnesium-rich mineral water was collected at a depth of 42 metres.

The therapeutic effectiveness of this mineral water was officially recognised by the Italian National Health Institute in 1991.

In 1994, concurrent with the first major renovation of the spa, its treatments for vascular disease and rhinogenic hearing loss won coverage by the Italian National Health Care Service and the spa was awarded ‘First Category Super’ categorisation by the Italian Ministry of Health.

In 1995, a second borehole was drilled to reach thermal water and the spa won Italian National Health Care Service coverage for its polyclinic, equipped for diagnostic testing (magnetic resonance imaging, densitometry, ultrasonography and colour Doppler).

In not-so-long-ago 2006, the second renovation project was launched, expanding and updating the already existing structure and adding a new pool, polyclinic, aesthetic centre/spa and a 26-room hotel.

In 2014, the spa is continuing its dedication to constant improvement, reactivating a third borehole at 60 metres to supply additional thermal water.


A multifunction destination

The Terme di Punta Marina spa is a multivalent centre offering a comprehensive range of services: one of the most completephysiotherapycentres in Ravenna, it offers all types ofthermal treatment, from therapeutic baths to inhalation; it is the only spa in Ravenna with twopoolsfor adults and children with thermal water at 33° C and itspolyclinicoffers specialist examinations and diagnostic services.

Terme di Punta Marina has created a spa centre with an annexed hotel, directly connected to the already existing thermal pavilions. It is a vast facility, offering visitors a comfortable and convenient stay, complete with resort facilities for enjoying the sand and sea.